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Query Toe Fracture

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Verbena37 Mon 12-Sep-16 08:43:50

Dd badly stubbed her toe yesterday and today it looks like photo.
It looked like that pretty much after five minutes yesterday.
She can't put weight on it and can't touch even bed sheets on it.
It has blood moving around at base of nail.

NHS site says home treat unless funny angle.....will MIU do anything or not?
What shall she do about school? It says rest by elevating as much as possible. She has dance exams in 7 weeks so panicking now about missing those as she needs to be up on her toes for many dances.

StillMedusa Mon 12-Sep-16 22:37:12

I'd take her to minor injuries to be honest..because it is the end of the toe and the nail is going to be causing pressure. Just to get it checked.
My son broke his finger..end of, a few weeks ago..looked just like that and they put it in a plastic splint to my surprise!

However... 3 weeks in he was playing his guitar at a gig so there is hope for your daughter's dancing smile

Verbena37 Thu 15-Sep-16 14:44:48

Well I took her to the MIU on Monday morning and they said they would treat it as broken and have strapped it to next toe. No PE for a couple of weeks. She is limping and it's so sore but hopefully will heal quite quickly.

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