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Thyroid- should I be concerned about this- help!?

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maudeauden Sun 11-Sep-16 10:04:22

I have had blood tests done over past few years due to symptoms such as tiredness, heavy periods etc. My iron stores have been a bit low but I have been told my thyroid was normal. A recently requested copies of my GP notes as we will likely be moving countries soon and I also wanted to try to get a better understanding of what my blood test results were. Over the pasts few years I have had some thyroid results as follows:

TSH 2.38, T4 9.5,

TSH 2.82, T4 10.4,

TSH 3.19, T4 10.8,

Just recently I had TSH alone tested and it was 3.48 (they didn't test T4).

Should I be concerned about these levels and follow this up further? My GP has not discussed the possibility of there being a thyroid issue with me at any stage.

Thanks in advance if you have any experience with this or can offer an advice.

maudeauden Sun 11-Sep-16 10:32:05


Davinaaddict Sun 11-Sep-16 10:36:14

I'm certainly not an expert, but it would seem to me that your TSH creeping up is a red flag. Have a look at exactly what blood tests you've had and what the specific results are. Vitimins B12, D, folate and ferritin all support the thyroid function so if these are not optimal, you could see if getting them optimal would help. Don't just accept in range as many people struggle with lower levels in the range.
Also when you have a thyroid test the best time to do it is first thing in the morning before breakfast, as TSH rises during the day and after eating/drinking. Water is fine before the test though. Maybe something to consider for your next test as GP's don't often know this.

maudeauden Sun 11-Sep-16 10:44:06

Thank you! I hadnt actually noticed that the TSH has risen over time with each test (goes to show how observant I am) so thanks for pointing that out. It might give me something to discuss with my GP. My ferritin has been low for tears, usually below 10 and they often mention that but dont see it as very important. My B12 levels were tested a year ago and at the lower end of range (maybe 280?) so they said that was ok.

Davinaaddict Sun 11-Sep-16 12:13:24

Ferritin optimal is around 70 I believe and the Pernisicois anaemia society recommend a B12 level of around 1,000 so I'd be surprised if your not getting symptoms from those levels! My ferritin was 22, and B12 was 216.

I've taken ferrous sulphate (2 per day) for a month to try and increase that, and I'm waiting for an updated blood test result to see the impact. You can overdose on iron though, so I have only done so, knowing I would be having another blood test.

B12 is different though as there is no upper limit and its water soluble so you just pee out any excess. If the doctor refuses to treat your B12 you could supplement with a sublingual 5000mg methylcobalamin to see if that helps at all. I would recommend that you ask your GP why you are low in B12, as unless you are a vegan, you will probably be getting a good amount in your diet, so there may be an underlying reason for this.

booox Mon 12-Sep-16 10:56:39

Yes I'd be asking to be monitored and maybe ask to test antibodies too.

Please do point out the slowly rising tsh as well as your symptoms.

They might be wary of medicating till you reach over 4.5-10, but some gps might a very low dose.

I'd definitely get that iron right up over 70 and the other levels mentioned. I struggle at 50 I now realise. It was quite marked.

booox Mon 12-Sep-16 10:59:02

The thing is; your t4 is relatively stable, so your thyroid is responding (the tsh is stimulating it to make more t4 and t3 which you've not had measured as this can carry greatly during the day.) which is why a GP might not query it.

I'd want to know if you're gaining a goitre and if there are antibodies. Also do you have it in the family?

maudeauden Mon 12-Sep-16 12:59:25

Thanks so much for your incredibly helpful responses, I really appreciate it. I will go back to GP and ask to have it looked at a but more closely
along with the B-12 and ferritin. My highest ferritin over the past 10 years was something like 17, I makorly struggle to raise it and am not sure why. I did try taking some high dose B12 lozenges but they gave me palpitations. I am in my 30s and have no family history. I dont think I have a goitre but I do bizarrely have a red butterfly- shaped rash exactly where my thyroid is though I cant think how that would be related.

maudeauden Mon 12-Sep-16 13:01:00

Sorry for the awful typos am typing on phone!

maudeauden Mon 12-Sep-16 13:02:54

violet I hope you dont mind me asking what difference do you notice with a ferritin over 50?

booox Mon 12-Sep-16 13:49:26

The rash is odd. Have you been tested for lupus (though that's usually on your face).

It's only recently I discovered this. Easy to tire, brain shutting down, muscle cramps, very little strength and energy despite tsh being spot on.

Other things have been going on too though such as newly discovered asthma and hypermobility issues. But getting it up really helps me.

I have wondered if there were times I was too low in the past.

Do you take with vit c?

maudeauden Mon 12-Sep-16 14:09:15

Thanks for your response. I do need to get ferritin checked again to see if its come up. I dont take vitamin C. Yes the rash is weird, I need to mention it to my GP also. Nobody has mentioned lupus is there a specific test for it?

booox Mon 12-Sep-16 14:35:52

V unlikely lupus but it's autoimmune. Often a butterfly rash on face!

You must take the iron with vitamin c - I took it with half a soluble vit c twice a day. It still took a while though.

Ferrous sulphate was bad to my tummy; ferrous glutanate is better for me.

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