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husband, migraine & meds

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Snowsquonk Sat 10-Sep-16 13:14:05

My husband has been suffering from severe headaches for a while. He's had an MRI scan which fortunately showed nothing sinister. GP has diagnosed migraine and after a few tries he now has a drug which is really effective - most times around an hour after taking it, the pain will go.

Fab. Except husband won't take them on onset of pain but will wait - for example, last night he came home and said he had a migraine but he would try and sleep it off even though he knows this rarely works. Up at 6:30 this morning taking over the counter pain relief, which doesn't work. He's finally taken his prescription meds after I have spent all morning running around with the children while he lies in bed with a cold compress on his head. If he'd taken the meds last night, he would have been fine this morning.

The pills have no side effects on him, th doctor has said take on onset....I can't get him to!

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