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NovaSure ablation anyone?

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OurLass Fri 09-Sep-16 23:12:38

Has anyone had NovaSure endometiral ablation under a GA?
My consultant has advised this and I'm fine about the actual procedure I'm just worried about the after affects and of how I'll feel after the GA.
any advice much appreciated

PurplePotato Sun 11-Sep-16 11:20:48

I had it done at the end of March (had a few years of very heaving bleeding, was anaemic, etc). The op was very quick and I was out of hospital the same day. After the op I had crampy pains for about a week, and I felt very weepy on the second and third day afterwards, which I think was due to the GA. I had the op on a Monday and went back to work the following Monday (could probably have gone back sooner but I had a few days of leave planned anyway).

After the op I had on and off discharge/bleeding for the first few months. Then one huge period at the end of May, and since then nothing much - I still get mild PMT when my period is due, and some spotting but a tiny amount - hopefully things will continue this way. I'm so pleased I had it done. Good luck.

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