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Hand injury advice

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Sanityseeker75 Thu 08-Sep-16 14:48:11

My DS (17) cut his hand open 3 weeks ago. No problem with loss of feeling and could flex it no problem as well with the cut. The cut ran from between index and middle finger to his palm. When in A& E doctor kept telling him that he wouldn't be able to stitch it whilst awake and they didn't like to stitch in the hand due to the tendons and nerves. Due to how deep the cut was he called someone else in who did then say he would need stitches - they ummed and arrhed about admitting him to orthopedics to have it done but in the end the doctor did it himself. He put in 6 stitches and said they had to leave space for infection to come out. He kept on saying he had never done it before on someone who was awake and really struggled.

Anyway took him to have stitches out Friday and nurse was not happy, advised wrong material was used and could take final one out but as it was cloth she said t would go eventually so I wasn't too worried and the wound is all together and seems healed. However my son can not straighten his hand. For the first couple of days I told him it was just because it had been bandaged up and he wasn't used to using it. He went to college today and said all he had to do was write on 2 pieces of paper and try and use the mouse and he messaged saying he was in so much pain. He said it doesn't hurt to touch the wound at all and is fine if the index and middle finger is bent but can not use them properly and can not straighten fingers at all as he said it feels like it is pulling on something at the side of the wound. Is this normal? How long would typical recovery take? Should I take him to docs to see about physio? I don't want to waste their time if its just normal. Anyone have any ideas

AttilaTheMeerkat Thu 08-Sep-16 15:08:28

I would take him to back to A & E for them to examine his hand further.

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