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Worried about irregular bleeding and previous abnormal smear results!

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Toomuchbooty Wed 07-Sep-16 23:43:32

So long story short I have a history of abnormal smears, I've had biopsies and laser treatment a good handful of times now and my last one was 5 months ago, I am due a follow up smear in a month to make sure the laser removed all the pre cancer cells

A couple of months ago I had what I thought was a urine infection, trips to the docs didn't show anything on dip test, went for an sti check, all came back clear except for BV which they gave me treatment for, still suffering with symptoms of UTI I returned to docs, this time dip test came up positive so I got treatment for that too

A couple of weeks ago I had what I thought was thrush, took a canesten and it seemed to calm it.

A few days ago after sex I was bleeding, thought it was my period only to realise I wasn't due for over a week, then didn't seem to get much bleeding, had sex a couple of days later, had bleeding again, this bleeding has continued and I have had period type pains but it is a lot lighter than my usual period and like I said dead early, also today I have been really itch like thrush, I tried to do a canesten test for thrush or BV but was unreadable due to bleeding.

booked in to see doc as my mind has travelled to worst case scenario made worse by my anxiety surrounding my health, they basically couldn't do anything and didn't go out of their way to reassure me even though I was clearly very distressed, just said come back when you're not bleeding for a smear!

Logically I know that for it to be something really bad It would have to have been missed on all my precious smear, exams, treatments, biopsies etc, but it's made me so worried and angry that the docs haven't made me feel better, even if it is my period why has it suddenly changed? That's never happened to me before so there must be a reason?

the things I'm thinking are it could possibly be BV, which apparently can cause bleeding especially after sex because it aggravates the areas that are infected(?)

It could be my period but at a loss as to why it would be early, and doesn't explain the itching except for possible irritation from scented pads?

It could be endometriosis, which I don't know much about but someone mentioned it to me earlier, but I do not think that explains the itching

Or lastly it's something terrible which I can't even bear to let myself think about but it's all that's going through my mind confused

If anyone can shed any light on any of this that would be great. grin

P.s please no horror stories of people being diagnosed with something really bad even though they had smears and things, this would be really hard for me to handle in my current state of mind! sad

Gracey1231 Sun 18-Sep-16 22:42:26

Hey Hun, hope you're okay. I have BV off and on and that has happened to me too, if you're close to a period bleeding after sex is kinda normal, but as long as it's not a full flow. Keep trying BV meds smile

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