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Ongoing abdo pain

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FaithAscending Wed 07-Sep-16 14:54:01

Anyone had something like this? Curious to know the outcome/final diagnosis. (I am waiting for a follow up appointment)

6 weeks ago I had sudden onset vomiting which lasted 3 days, then I started with right flank pain. I assumed it was a kidney infection but when I saw my GP my urine dip was negative so I was admitted to hospital for two days with ?appendicitis because I had lower right sided tenderness.
They got the vomiting under control and I had more pain relief. Lower abdo ultrasound scan didn't show anything - ovaries, bladder, kidney all normal. I was discharged with painkillers and have an OP in a month. I had lots of speculation from the doctors - chronic appendix, ovarian cyst (ruled out), gall stones (although the pain is far worse lower down now). The pain comes and goes but it's usually worse in the evenings and worse with exertion. The doctors did suggest a laparotomy to investigate but I'd rather not have major surgery if it can be avoided!

So...has anyone else had something like this? What did it turn out to be?

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