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Sprained ligament in knee?

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honeyJD Wed 07-Sep-16 08:03:04

6 days ago I was stepping up into a van, must have done so at an awkward angle as I felt something twang in my right knee, (on the inner side of my knee), and it really hurt for about a minute then just felt fuzzy and i thought oh well that'll ache a bit tomorrow... The next day it was really sore and tight, and I was limping. Dr Google said likely sprained ligament. Spent as much of the day with it raised/ice pack on it. It is better than it was but still pretty tender, slightly swollen and tight. I've been wearing a tubigrip thing as much as I can.
Is it normal for it to take this long to heal and should I get medical attention or will they just say rest/ice etc?

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