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Spacemomma Tue 06-Sep-16 15:58:55

Hi all I'm new hear and I'm just wondering if I could get some advice so grab a glass this could be long wine my husband had a operation nearly 3 years ago , it was ment to be a simple operation but lots of complications with healing and stuff and affected us personally sad so anyway it took him 2 years to fight back from depression and health aniexty which was confirmed by the dr , he's always scared like last night he was having a stabbing pain but not close togther was just now and then , it freaks me out because the operations and this health aniexty has ruined him because every twinge he's convinced it's a heart attack or every lump is cancer .. he's been seeing the dr for this but it's just getting me down I don't want him to always think he's dying .. the dr knows it's seious and there trying but I just want him back sad

sadie9 Wed 07-Sep-16 09:47:29

Hi SpaceMomma, not really sure how to help as I haven't been in this situation. You might get more answers from other people either in the Relationship thread or the Mental health thread. And if you name your thread with something more specific, that usually gets more answers. Good luck with it, it can't be easy. I know a lot of posters on here have Health Anxiety themselves, so they may well be able to offer some sort of support. You could call the thread DH has severe Health Anxiety or something like that. Have a good day anyhow and hope the sun is shining where you

Realitea Wed 07-Sep-16 11:35:08

The best thing the doctor can do is refer your dh for CBT. It's quite common to develop health anxiety after an illness as you try to make sense of what happened and the fear of it happening again as you become more aware of your health and how fragile we all are.
Your dh has got in to the cycle of worrying, becoming anxious then looking for reassurance and the cycle needs to be broken. The best way is to change thought patterns and not let them escalate. That's what CBT can do. While you wait for a referral there are a lot of good self help books on Amazon that can teach CBT for health anxiety. Or you can pay privately if that's an option.
Anxiety never lasts. It will go away. So don't worry, you will get your husband back!
Try to stay away from anxiety forums as they fuel the fire. If you surround yourself with anxious people it will do no good.

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