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Talk to me about weird periods....

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LaContessaDiPlump Tue 06-Sep-16 07:49:17

I used to have pretty standard periods: slight smear of red to herald the event, rapidly followed by a couple of heavy flow days, tapering off to the end of the week and changing to a brownish colour.

I had 2 kids, and the pattern didn't noticeably change. I had a copper coil fitted, but didn't get on with it (plus DH had snip) and so it was removed. Ever since the removal, my periods have changed. They start with a very faint smear of brown, which goes on for a few days (3 days this time), finally giving way to a flood which takes 2 days to pass.

I've also noticed that I have way more acne than ever before (esp around chin) and have to use a daily exfoliating scrub to combat it. I assumed it might be hormonal on origin but doctor dismissed this as not worthy of her notice.

It's been this way for about a year now. Have I got a bad case of Natural Aging grin or might it be something else going on? I'm 34 btw.

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