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Growth in Vagina, having an operation to remove it, have a date for Day Proceedure

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Aramynta Mon 05-Sep-16 14:22:43

I found a large, solid lump in my vagina a while ago and got referred to Gynae to have it checked (this was back in January). My consultant has said it's not a bartholins and is quite deep rooted. In fact he said he has no idea what it is and until he whips it out and gets histology on it he won't know.

Anyway, I have finally got a date for my Op after months of waiting and it is in 3 weeks time. What I would like to know, from anyone who has had surgery down there, is what recovery is like. I know I won't be back to work the next day, but is it feasible to think that a week after I could be back to it?

If it makes a difference I work on the wards at the Hospital so will be on my feet all day.

sadie9 Tue 06-Sep-16 12:02:34

I probably can't help much, as I can only say from my bladder prolapse surgery, which was I presume was pushing and pulling of the internal organs and stitching the muscle and tissue in the vagina. And mine would have been much higher up also, so I would have had a lot of swelling internally afterwards.
Mine was a slow recovery, I couldn't drive for 2 weeks but that is a very different surgery where you get stitches to hold things in place that you are trying not to disturb, bladder has been repositioned etc.
Would you be able to ring the Consultant's secretary and try to find out about recovery times for that type of procedure that you are having?

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