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Motion Sickness

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blushrush Mon 05-Sep-16 11:21:15

I've always had motion sickness but in the last few months, it has gotten steadily worse.

I get ill as a passenger if I don't stare out the window constantly, and when I'm a backseat passenger, I get ill no matter where I look.

I'm now getting it when I'm sitting still as well, when working on my computer or watching TV. Typically it's when I'm scrolling quickly or watching a video in First-Person, but has happened randomly as well.

I have checked and I'm not pregnant. I also get regular eye checks because I wear glasses.

Any suggestions as to what might be triggering it?

freetrampolineforall Mon 05-Sep-16 11:24:16

Speak to a GP. As a fellow motion sickness sufferer I was about to say try SeaBands - work for me. But what you describe sounds like a medical problem e.g with your inner ear.

PuppyMonkey Mon 05-Sep-16 11:28:03

I felt a bit like that once and it ended up being low blood pressure. It went away on its own after a few weeks.

blushrush Mon 05-Sep-16 11:36:33

I've got an appointment booked for a week today but was curious if others had experienced the same.

I do have a Vitamin D deficiency that rears its head every now and then, so maybe something to do with that?

blushrush Fri 30-Sep-16 08:45:29

Well, blood tests came back negative (had to ring them to find that out -_-)

However, last night I had a terrible bout of dizziness while out with friends. To be fair, I'd had a couple of drinks and not much to eat but this was the worse spell I've ever had in my life.

Plus, my vision blurred. At least, that's the best description I can come up with. It was like all the colours were granulated and I couldn't focus.

It lasted about 30 seconds and then I was left in a cold sweat. Felt fine after, even got a taxi home and didn't feel sick at all.

Has anyone got any experiences with this? I've got another doctors appointment but I feel they are going to fob me off.

LivingInMidnight Sat 01-Oct-16 22:41:36

I have a very similar problem! It's been happening for about 4 years now. My GP sent me to a neurologist who's now said I probably need to go to ear, nose and throat if my most recent scans are clear. The most recent scans were looking for tonsillar herniation. Still waiting for the results.

Neurologist said that if there's something wrong with the balance system visual information can sort of overload it. I get dizzy looking at patterns like fences and shelves in supermarkets.

blushrush Tue 04-Oct-16 15:11:01

I had a phone appointment with my doctor yesterday and she's asked for me to keep a record of spells and then come in for a check up on my nose, ear and throat, plus blood pressure and such.

Fingers crossed!

Johnstonbananas Tue 04-Oct-16 18:46:10

It sounds like you may have an ear infection or excess fluid in the tube that connects your ear and nose (forgotten the name). It's definitely not motion sickness if you get it when it travelling.

When at the GP get them to check your bloods too just in case

blushrush Wed 05-Oct-16 14:28:31

Very possible. I think that's what they will check for next

JasperDamerel Wed 05-Oct-16 14:34:21

It could be lots if things. I know two people who have had similar symptoms. In one case it was an inner problem related to allergies. In the other, it was a neurological problem and my friend had to do special exercises to retrain her brain.

blushrush Wed 05-Oct-16 14:56:11

My brain could probably do with retraining...

Thanks for the advice all. Just glad I'm not being a timewaster with the doctors!

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