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coldofhands Sun 04-Sep-16 19:29:15

I have an infection in an upper molar which I'm waiting to have treated (root canal) I've got a week and a half left to wait and am on day 4 of antibiotics.

Nothing is helping with the pain which seems to be in my cheekbone and eye as well as my mouth. I'm alternating Paracetamol & codeine with ibuprofen but it's just not helping. I went into Boots today but the lady couldn't suggest anything else.

Is it worth going to the doctors to see if there's anything they can prescribe or do I just need to wait it out. The pain is just so bad, I nearly woke DH up at 3am to ask him to take me to the walk in as it was so bad

lordStrange Sun 04-Sep-16 19:34:27

Poor you sad, toothache just sucks.

What strength is the antibio you're taking? Might be worth revisiting the dentist if you need stronger.

You're gp could prescribe better pain killers possibly too, super strength codeine might help a bit more.

The cheek and eye pain is probably down to the way the nerves travel along the upper jaw.

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