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Thrush is driving me up the wall!

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HeyBungalowBill Sat 03-Sep-16 12:09:08

I recently went to get my coil checked and the nurse said she could see that I've got thrush.
I'd used the cream combi caneston treatment a week before as I thought I had it but it didn't go away. She said the thrush was high up and that the cream wouldn't have got rid of it because of this.

I was prescribed fluconazole, 50mg to be taken once a day for 2 weeks. She said if after a week I feel better just stop and save the rest for next time.

The leaflet for the tablets says to take 150mg as a one off to treat genital thrush, and to take one 50mg for oral thrush.

I've got 2 tablets left and I'm still itching, I'm wondering whether I need to retreat using the cream combi again.

It seems to have been going on for ages now and I want it to be gone!

lucyandpoppy123 Sat 03-Sep-16 18:47:25

Thats odd that she would prescribe a 2 week course of low dose maybe she got the dosage mixed up with oral thrush?
I usually go to boots and they will sell you a one dose tablet over the counter.
Also make sure you wash your knickers and bath towels at 90oC as it can linger then re-infect. Also make sure you dont use any bubble bath.

flowertoday Sun 04-Sep-16 19:51:35

This probably sounds like mad advice, but I thought I would post as I suffered from thrush on and off for years. I tried canestan (cream), the pessaries and then the tablets.
Nothing seemed to work for long so I googled for alternatives ( and also read lots of mn threads!). I read about apple cider vinegar and decided to try it - desperate as thrush is the pits. I drink a couple of desert spoons in a big glass of water every day , you can take it neat but it is a bit bleugh like that.
I haven't had thrush since I started on the apple cider vinegar. Apparently it is good for you in other ways, and works by putting good bacteria in which fights the candida causing the thrush.
It has to be the live vinegar from a health food shop.
Hope you feel better soon 🙂

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