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What's wrong with me

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Cracker09jacker Fri 02-Sep-16 11:56:48

I've been on a merry go round over the last few years to get a diagnosis for what is wrong with me. I was initially diagnosed with fibro and arthritis but various pains and symptoms continued.
At the moment I have swelling at the back of my head, I've been told nothing sinister but it's swollen and very painful to touch. Washing and brushing my hair is very painful as the area feels badly bruised.
Over the past year this swelling and pain has been accompanied by a feeling of hot water being poured over the top of my head.
I'm constantly exhausted, have low appetite, various joint pains, every 4-5 weeks I get a stomach illness that leaves me wiped out for at least a week.
I exercise daily and while I don't ever feel hungry I do eat a good healthy diet that I supplement with fish oils because I don't eat fish.
Right now as I type this the back of my head is throbbing, my ears have a burning sensation inside, I have a sore throat with laryngitis but my doctor say he can't find any infection.
I just want to know what's going on with me. I'm so tired of being sick and tired and getting no where

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