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Ahh, I think I have a dental abcess!

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MummySparkle Wed 31-Aug-16 23:35:14

Pretty much that really sad

One of my lower wisdom teeth has been trying to come through for years (literally 7? or so) and has been half through for the last 5 I think. Every now and then it tries to come through a bit, aches for a week or two and then gives up again.

Last time it happened (earlier this year) it all became swollen and hurt like hell for a week. Eventually I was poking it whilst driving and there was a popping noise and a load of foul-tasting cottage cheese stuff came out. It hurt again for a few days and I brushed and used mouthwash religiously and it went away again.

Until yesterday. Now it's swollen again, my face is tender and slightly swollen - I can feel it - see it but DH says he can't. I poked it earlier and got a foul taste in my mouth, but it's still hurting and getting worse. I can't open my jaw fully.

But, I also now have braces. They are on my upper teeth and this is on my lower jaw, so I don't think they're connected, but maybe my upper teeth moving have caused the lower ones to move too?

I'm seeing my orthodontist in Wednesday. Do I try and leave it until then? Should I see someone else? Is it something an orthodontist can deal with? What can I do to make it go away at home?

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