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Roscea pic included

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crje Wed 31-Aug-16 14:09:02

I developed acne on my chin/jaw
in my 30's
Have been taking tetracycline on and off for 6 years.
Month on month off
Or 3 months on 9 off
Or one month followed by a tab every second day for 12 months
I no longer get boil like spots but I've now developed roscea.
Gp wants to use the same treatment but I'm sick of taking antibiotics.
It can't be good for me.

Do I really need to be on tablets forever for my skin

I've spent a fortune on image products this week.

Anyone got any success stories??

crje Wed 31-Aug-16 19:52:28

Anyone sad

StrongBelwas Thu 01-Sep-16 20:21:15

I was switched from antibiotic gel to azelaic acid which helped me, but I don't think my rosacea can be as bad as yours and it's not on my chin. I know some people are stuck with oral antibiotics. Someone mentioned laser treatment but I didn't look into it.

The yellow Clinique powder is great btw, although they don't sell the loose powder anymore.

Not much help but didn't want you to think you were being ignored smile

PollyPerky Thu 01-Sep-16 21:31:05

Is this your GP or a dermatologist? TBH if it's your GP I'd give up and ask for a referral, or pay for a consultation privately if you can because the NHS list will be long. You need some specialist help.

crje Thu 01-Sep-16 22:06:59

It's my gp

I will ask about seeing a specialist. Thanks

nellypledge16 Sat 03-Sep-16 22:47:44

I am 43 and have had terrible skin since I was a teenager. I have tried every skincare brand going I think, from cheap and cheerful to salon to luxury and nothing has helped.
Last year I saw a skin specialist about a lump on my nose and he diagnosed acne roseacea. He prescribed doxycycline and said to take it for 6-12 months.
I also discovered a skincare range called La Roche Posay and their Toleriane range, it is AMAZING! Especially the cleanser and Toleriane ultra moisturiser. It's specially for reactive skin and it has worked wonders on my skin.

nellypledge16 Sat 03-Sep-16 22:50:28

Plus I will say that mine was way worse than yours looks, I got huge boil type things on my chin and around my mouth but the combination of the skin care and antibiotics have cleared it completely.
They are usually just a low dose antibiotic but the specialist said it can take 6-12 months for them to 'cure' the problem completely, although future flare ups are still a possibility.

booox Sun 04-Sep-16 17:13:16

I don't have this issue but I've seen light therapy lamps on a website that sell sad lamps - could they help? Supposed to be antibacterial.

The make is Lumie (I have had their body clock and now a sad lamp for years and really recommend. Both factory seconds.)

booox Sun 04-Sep-16 17:13:45

Light therapy for skin that is.

booox Sun 04-Sep-16 17:15:01

Pricey but if helped to stop taking oral antibiotics?

pontificationcentral Sun 04-Sep-16 17:19:31

My dermatologist recommends laser treatment (but this because he is a private consultant and it is expensive and he is in the business of making money out of people with skin conditions, as well as providing cosmetic treatments). I'm not feeling the need to go there yet (as I didn't actually go to see him because of rosacea, I went as I had lichen planus and he wanted to flog me extra treatments for rosacea as well).

I love and hate my dermatologist, but he is much better than the three god I saw first, even if he makes money out of unnecessary cosmetic treatments.

pontificationcentral Sun 04-Sep-16 17:20:14

God = gps. That was an autocorrect and a half...

LakeFlyPie Sun 04-Sep-16 17:37:49

I took low dose lymecycline for 6 months which really helped settle down the red lumpiness but started to make me really constipated (presume it interfered with my gut flora) so had to stop but I think it had got things under control.
I've tried loads of different skin care products (LRP and Avene) and the only thing which doesn't flare up the redness is Cetaphil (cleanser and moisturiser).
I haven't been very vigilant at identifying triggers but red wine is definitely one which makes me red angry

crje Mon 05-Sep-16 20:46:24

Thanks everyone

Lakeflypie I've noticed red wine & coffee make it more angry looking.
I also felt off on the antibiotics.

I'm seeing good results with the image products. Their intense lightening serum is excellent.

A course of laser treatment is £450 I'm going to have to do some more research before I invest.

popthisoneout Mon 05-Sep-16 23:30:36

Azelaic acid work for me along with Dermalex cream for rosacea (available in boots/ super drug).

I cut out red wine years ago but can have the odd glass now and then without symptoms. Finding your triggers definitely helps

nellypledge16 Tue 06-Sep-16 02:27:19

Mine isn't really the redness side of it, it's the acne but they can be huge and so sore, like boils shock

Clinique do an anti redness range and the foundation has excellent coverage.

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