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Any experience of prostatitis or prostate cancer

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Workitbabe Tue 30-Aug-16 22:47:26

Hi really worried about dp who is 48. Over a month ago he had what he thought was a uti but then had blood in urine and then blood in ejaculate. The urine test came back positive so he was on antibiotics. He has seen a urologist who checked his prostate gland and says all seems normal. However dp now off abs ando is getting burning on urination and a dull ache in his groin. His ejaculate also appears clearer than the usual creamy white. Urologist wants to do psa test but dp has to wait 6 weeks for it having been on abs and even then the psa test is unreliable. So frustrated and worried. I think it's prostatitis as the symptoms seemed to be controlled by the absence which he was on for 2 weeks. Any views or guidance greatly appreciated.

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