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Ate past its use by date pork and now anxious about repercussions.

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electricflyzapper Sun 28-Aug-16 12:48:14

Last Sunday, the pork steaks I cooked for lunch were 3 days past their use by date. I am usually strict about use by dates on meat (though not on other products) but I smelt the steaks and they looked and smelt fine, lush they were baked in the oven for 90mins so I thought they would be alright.

And they may well have been as no one else in the family has become ill. I, on the other hand, have not been right since Monday. Bear in mind, I do suffer from a number of minor complaints, eg minor IBS, so I can't be sure the pork is to blame, but I have had, on and off,stomach ache, unpleasant trips to the loo, nausea, and general indigestion for nearly a week. Just when it seems to get better (Tuesday, yesterday) and I eat normally, I then get worse again.

So, I googled stomach upsets after eating gone off pork and have frightened myself that I may have trichinosis. Apparently, you get the stomach upset first (tick) but then weeks later can get fever, aches, pains etc. Usually people recover without medication but this is all caused by roundworms. So, should I go to the GP do you think? Could they help at all? If I have roundworms, I need them gone don't I? Or do I just wait to see if the fever stage sets in? WWYD?

electricflyzapper Sun 28-Aug-16 13:13:44

Actually, having read more, I'm not so sure it could be trichinosis. The pork was not undercooked, by any means. It was out of date. Anyone got any ideas, knowledge, experience?

yeOldeTrout Sun 28-Aug-16 13:38:40

(Assuming you live in UK with good sanitation)
Has to be undercooked for trichinosis or roundworms to be a risk. The date of the meat isn't relevant to those risks. Plus, others who ate it would have symptoms.

Sounds like your usual symptoms kicking off all week?

electricflyzapper Sun 28-Aug-16 14:12:38

Yes in UK, and yes, I came to same conclusion re meat not being undercooked. On the contrary, knowing it was out of date, I ensured it was well cooked. Thank you. It is good to hear someone say what you did.

Not convinced it is same old IBS though. I am feeling awful. But, if it is just some bug or another, at least I know I will soon be better.

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