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Feeling a bit down today

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LippyLiz Sun 28-Aug-16 11:36:23

Me and H split up this week, it's been a long time coming due to his affair over last 6 months. I've been ok but these last couple of days I've felt emotional and end up in tears every so often. I ended it, know I'll be / am better off without him. I know my house is happier. I know I will no longer face the constant insecurity and mistrust issues which I largely kept to myself. I know all of this. It's still not helping me mourn the loss of what could've been, or the fact that I miss the old him at the moment. Knowing he's 'missing us' does not help either. Sorting out finances at mo which makes me feel sick.

Think I should improve when I'm back at work on Tuesday (I'm on annual leave) and back in a routine even though I don't feel like it.

fluffymummykins Mon 29-Aug-16 00:05:26

The fact that you married him means that you've always been "til death do us part". Just because you k ew it was coming doesn't make it any easier. You are grieving, and everything you are feeling now is absolutely normal. Sometimes you'll have good days, others it'll be bad, but you will get through it :-)

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