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Period off kilter after 1 round of depo

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Nitw1t Sun 28-Aug-16 08:59:41

Hi. I'm going to doc after bank hol, but any ideas while I wait?

DS2 is coming up 8mo. Never BF.

Went on depo when he was 2mo. Developed KILLER piles and horrid constipation. Decided not to keep up the depo as convinced myself it was making post natal bowel-symptoms worse. Had 4-weekly periods throughout 12w cycle. Is now 4 months since it would have been due and periods have got successively lighter (last one was 2 days of brown discharge) and now hasn't materialised at all (I suppose I'm 2 weeks late).

I feel v PMT (craving crap food, bit anxious, tired and achy) - but no period. Def not pg, not DTD since May, and even POAS.

I'm 36 so a little young for menopause.

I'm BRCA positive (40% lifetime chance of ovarian cancer) so have convinced myself that constipation (which comes and goes, I eat to avoid it) and AWOL period are signs. Much more likely it's post-natal and hormone-fucking about though. Any experience of losing period for so long after one depo cycle?

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