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Back pain on holiday

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JammyGeorge Sat 27-Aug-16 10:24:25

Yesterday morning I was folding up a blanket and leant down and to the side twisting my back and felt something go in my lower back. I've had problems like this before but higher up with v painful pulled muscles etc.

It was painful and for the rest of yesterday I was trying to sit or lie and rest as much as possible as well as gentle walking to keep things moving.

Its constantly there as a deep dull ache but doesn't hurt when I'm sitting or laid down only when I'm walking or standing up/sitting down/bending down.

I had a good night last night and woke up about an hour ago with it much less painful on moving so am happy. However, my legs have random tingling going on in my groin and the side of my ankle which has got me worried.

I'm away for the weekend with the kids and a group of friends until Monday do you think I should continue with ice/heat/ brufen/paracetamol or is the tingling an urgent issue? I'm presuming I've been laid with a swollen pulled back and it's put pressure on some nerves?

Would you track down an emergency docs?

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