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phone call from dr about radiology - worried

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potatomama Fri 26-Aug-16 21:39:24

I got a call today from the GP surgery, arranging for me to have a Dr telephone appt about my busuiness with the radiology dept at local hospital. But I've never been to any radiology dept! I asked if I was the correct patient as I have no idea what this could be about, but the receptionist said yes and quoted my date of birth to me.
What could this be about? I'm getting worried but can't even ring drs back until tues due to bank holiday sad

PigPigTrotters Fri 26-Aug-16 21:41:29

Are you waiting for any referrals to come through? Been to the GP,concerned about anything?
I imagine if you really have no idea then there must be some mistake, so I'd try not to worry.

Bagina Fri 26-Aug-16 21:43:30

Yes, if you've been for no tests then it's not for you and is an error.

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Fri 26-Aug-16 21:45:43

well that's going to be an interesting conversation if you have never been!

Receptionist has probably pulled up your records, so would have all the right details on screen when double checking stuff, but she just has the wrong Mrs Potatomama.

Draylon Fri 26-Aug-16 23:42:26

Why worry about an appointment you never had, at a hospital department you've never visited? And presumably about no recent health issue?

Really? The NHS are good, but not telepathic wink

It's A Mistake.

Bear in mind many people's first contact with the NHS is via a band 2 person. Possibly Bank. Massively invaluable to the running of the NHS, but people who have to follow the bouncing ball. Not ideal, but hey, welcome to the Tory/Post Brexit NHS.

It'll be sorted in 2 minutes on Tuesday.

crje Fri 26-Aug-16 23:55:37

Have you ever had test there?

Maybe they are rechecking a batch for some reason.

When will they be in contact again?

Ring your GP

maisiejones Sat 27-Aug-16 00:57:25

They do make mistakes you know. I accessed my records online only to see that about five years ago I had been admitted to hospital with a head injury and facial laceration. Well it must have given me severe amnesia as I don't remember anything about it. 😀

EreniTheFrog Sat 27-Aug-16 06:12:24

According to my medical records, I suffered postnatal depression 8 years before my DC3 was born. As others have said, these mistakes happen. Just tell the doctor that it really wasn't you!

potatomama Sat 27-Aug-16 18:18:03

thanks all
I didn't realise how common mistakes are - too much faith in the NHS! I will try to put this out of my mind

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