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Hysteroscopy,what to expect?

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conkerpods Thu 25-Aug-16 23:07:42

Hi,I'm having a hysteroscopy in a couple of weeks,I'm also having a biopsy taken of my womb.
I'm having it under GA.
will it hurt after and will there be bleeding?

Darklane Thu 25-Aug-16 23:56:14

No, shouldn't be.
They'll tell you to count to 100, you'll count to about ten then wake up in recovery with it all over. I had no after effects whatsoever.

conkerpods Fri 26-Aug-16 00:11:50

That's good to here,thanks Darklane.

conkerpods Fri 26-Aug-16 00:12:07

*hear shock

KanyesVest Fri 26-Aug-16 00:24:08

I was a bit crampy after mine, nothing worse than paracetamol could solve. Hope all goes well.

228agreenend Fri 26-Aug-16 00:31:55

I've a few, for a similar reason to you. The worst bit for me was not being to eat breakfast, but I quite enjoyed sitting and reading a good book afterwards!

I had my first under local anaesthetic and I did feel a little uncomfortable afterwards. Under ga, I felt fine, just a little shakey. However, that could be the ga, rather than procedure itself.

MyBeloved Fri 26-Aug-16 00:34:00

I did suffer a bit after mine but I am sensitive with gynae procedures. I bled for about a week - but only spotting. I was also very cramps during this time.

It's good you're having it done under GA and it will be worth it for the peace of mind im sure you'll get from having it done.

PollyPerky Fri 26-Aug-16 07:24:30

I had one without a GA and wouldn't recommend going through a GA if you have a choice. I had it done privately and had the choice but I know women who've chosen no GA on the NHS.

It's a very quick and simple procedure and no worse than a smear. (I had a biopsy alone initially then a few months later a hysteroscopy and biopsy.)

You might have a slight period type pain for a few hours but nothing much- I came home by public transport after mine, a few hours afterwards.

conkerpods Fri 26-Aug-16 07:56:59

Thanks everyone.
They have advised me to have a GA as they need to 'rummage around' to find the cause of bleeding in between periods. They suspect my c section scar hasn't healed. Also,I have never had a vaginal birth so perhaps that is also why.

PollyPerky Fri 26-Aug-16 08:32:17

well, all hospitals are different. The point of a hysteroscopy is to 'rummage around' - but the scope is tiny and it ought not to make any difference whether you have given birth or not. Often, being cynical, they like to give people GAs so they can press on without having to 'consider' the patient. (A nurse told me this.)

Hope it all goes ok.

RockNRollNerd Fri 26-Aug-16 17:00:16

I had one done, no GA or sedation and insisted the gynae talked me through and swivelled the screen so I could watch grin. The next day we had to do a 450 mile round trip to go see a matinee we'd booked months earlier. DH drove but I was absolutely fine, a bit crampy but twinges more than a constant dull period type ache. I bled a bit but not much and was fine.

Depending on how you are with the GA it may be that gives you more bother afterwards than the hysteroscopy itself. I'm dreadful after a GA and the last one wiped me out for a week.

conkerpods Fri 26-Aug-16 21:06:39

I had a GA in 2009 after an ERPC and felt fine after,went home on the train etc. My Mum said I must go to bed when I get home though (she's a nurse).
I'm sure it will be fine,and hopefully I'll get some answers and a plan.

Draylon Fri 26-Aug-16 23:36:34

I had one under GA 5 years ago as an NHS pt at a private hospital (contract).

A stroll in the park (for me!). I was eating Dominos 4 hours later! No problems whatsoever.


EllenRipley Sat 27-Aug-16 10:46:14

If they're going to have a rummage, get the GA - should be a fairly short procedure but not one you want to be awake for! I've had it, was fine after, little bit of cramp, but of bleeding. I did get a UTI after it, so drink plenty and keep an eye out for symptoms. Was told by two docs it's a common side effect (especially if you have catheter in) but I was never warned. I've also had a endometrial biopsy done with no general or local anaesthetic and it was F*CKING AGONY. GA is the way to go imo! Good luck X

conkerpods Sat 27-Aug-16 10:59:34

Ouch,that sounds painful!
Thanks for the advice.

WhoAteAllTheDinosaurs Mon 29-Aug-16 22:43:36

Have had several hundred (well about 8 actually but it feels like several hundred at times!) and they're fine, honestly. You'll be a bit crampy afterwards, like period pain but not worse. All ok with some OTC painkillers and a hot water bottle and some rest for the next day or two!

Have had mine under GA and with local anaesthetic - both are fine to be honest, but GA better if they think they need to fiddle around a bit.

conkerpods Mon 29-Aug-16 22:48:06

Thankyou. I have a day off the following day and hoping I'll be ok the day after that.

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