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NotMe321 Thu 25-Aug-16 15:24:21

Sorry, this is going to be slightly revolting.

I've had a fairly mahoosive abscess under my arm - around 5 cm at its worst. Unfortunately I was away and couldn't get to a doctor for about a week. Eventually I went to a walk-in clinic at the weekend and they referred me to A&E to go under the knife, but after a lot of umming and ahing they decided to give antibiotics a go. And in fact it has improved, mostly because it eventually opened of its own accord and started draining, encouraged by me because I'd rather it was done in, as it were, controlled conditions rather than seeping all day - it's not a place where I can really stick a plaster on it effectively. Also it's fun. It's a seven day course of antiobiotics so I'm still taking them.

So that's improved it a lot, mainly because it isn't the big, hard painful lump that it was. But what I'm wondering about is that, after two days, the discharge doesn't seem to be getting any less - if anything it seems to be increasing. Some bits of it now feel soft but there are still some quite hard sections. Is it likely that it's going on just because there was a hell of a lot in there, or am I likely to be producing more? And should I go to the GP to get it cleared out properly? Is it something a nurse could deal with?

FuzzyDiamond Fri 26-Aug-16 14:04:31

Hi NotMe123

I have been suffering from reoccurring abscesses and they are very painful so I know what you are going through!.

You need to get it lanced and drained at a&e as soon as possible. Antibiotics can only do so much once the abscess is fully formed as it has a "protective" sack that is hard for the antibiotics to penetrate.

My first one was 8cm long, I did the same as you and left it thinking it would improve on its own. I had to get an emergency operation to remove it and then have the wound packed daily at the walk in centre.

Please go and get it seen to, hope it all goes ok for you!

NotMe321 Sat 27-Aug-16 09:57:57

Thanks, Fuzzy.

I'm a bit reluctant to go to A&E because it isn't an emergency - it's not painful, and I feel OK in myself. I only went before because the walk-in clinic told me to. Plus it's draining of its own accord with a bit of help from me. My current thinking is see how it is on Tuesday and go to the GP then if necessary.

FuzzyDiamond Sat 27-Aug-16 11:29:50

That's really good you are not in pain, hope it goes away quickly for you!

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