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There used to be a backpain thread

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OhTheRoses Wed 24-Aug-16 19:14:39

I broke my L1 in Jan. It collapsed by more than 50%.

After five days I got myself back on school runs. After nine I went back to work. I have pulled my life back together and can garden for four hours at a time. Been off pain relief for months and Pilates has been my saviour.

But it's holiday time and have been trying to do walks with DH because it's what we do. On Monday did a gentle three miles round a lake, on Tuesday did a capital city and was tired and got grumpy and had to sit down and rest. Today tried a proper ramble and had to turn back after a mile because knew I couldn't do it.

Am so fucking frustrated. I know I've done well but I want my old self back. Am 56 and feel so shit that I can't do what I used to do. Feels such a step back.

I know a lot of people are worse off but one small slip. sad

ThatIsNachoCheese Tue 30-Aug-16 13:35:53

Hi Roses, I just came on to look for the back thread and can't find it either.
I'm feeling fed up too, I had my coccyx removed 3 months ago after years of pain after a fall, I'm still in agony and have am spending every day in bed.
It's so horrible, I feel like life is happening without me, and that I'll never be normal again.
It sounds to me like you're doing really well, but you just need to not push yourself, I totally understand how utterly frustrating it is.

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