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'phenomenally inflamed cervix'

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Castasunder Wed 24-Aug-16 17:08:21

I've just had a follow up from a colpoloscopy which I had done privately. My GP referred me to have it done as she said my cervix looked abnormal' , but I got so worried that I couldn't wait and went through my DP's insurance for a colposcopy and biopsy of the area.
I went back for the results today and he said the above. He said that it was not cancer, and 'benign inflammation but at a 'phenomenally high level' . He also said I had high grade HPV DNA which is what 'may' be causing my abnormally long periods. He said he wasn't concerned about the HPV as 'everyone has it' , but I'm worried sick. For reference, I had CIN 3 cells treated 15 years ago. I have had clear smears since and tested negative for HPV in 2009. So what does this mean? That my DP has been unfaithful? I thought that the HPV infection cleared to undetectable levels after a couple of years?
He then causally threw in the fact that the smear sample he took came back inadequate, but that the biopsy showed that the inflammation was benign so he's just leaving it at that and will proceed to laser. My worry is that the biopsy only takes a tiny amount- so why isn't he wanting to take another smear? How can he know there isn't cancerous cells on different parts of the cervix that he didn't biopsy, especially when the smear is inadequate?

The doctor rushed me like hell though and the appointment was over in 4 minutes - I kid you not. He just said he will get in touch next month to talk about lasering the area and seeing if he can clear the inflammation. He will then also try to look inside the womb.

I don't know what to do now. I'm kicking myself that I let him rush me like that. I also have just literally received a letter from my own Doctor telling me that my colpoloscopy appointment has come through and that scheduled for middle of September. I was intending not to go , given that j had received one privately , but now I'm not sure what to do?

Sorry this is long and disjointed...

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