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Tooth extraction - costs - nhs vs private

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noarguments Mon 22-Aug-16 11:11:54

I have to have a tooth out - its a retained baby tooth which is long past its sell-by date, has a fracture in and is causing problems.
I may possibly have an implant sometime in the future but initial plan is to see how I get on having a gap (its an upper molar, hopefully not too visible, but we'll see).
My dilemma is whether to just have the tooth out on the nhs (£56 approx), in which case they will just extract the tooth nothing more, OR
to have it done privately in the same surgery by someone who will make sure that the structures are still in place so its easier to do the implant work - this version of the extraction would cost be around £120.
If I just had the cheaper option, and then decided to go for an implant, there would be much more preparatory work apparently. But I might not ever bother with an implant - they are mega mega expensive apparently.
Is paying double the money for the extraction money well spent?
Any experience or advice would be very useful - thanks in advance.

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