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Can I take paracetamol after drinking?

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MrsMargeSimpson Sun 21-Aug-16 20:04:28

I have had two, small, glasses of rose with dinner this evening, and I had a tiny bit of 'mickey finn' liqueur earlier (around 3pm).

I am now experiencing excruciating pain and I desperately want some pain relief, but obviously I don't want to die. Can I take a normal dose of paracetamol? This pain is horrendous.

usual Sun 21-Aug-16 20:05:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

janethegirl2 Sun 21-Aug-16 20:06:39

I would too

FaithAscending Sun 21-Aug-16 20:06:47

Paracetamol should be ok. (I believe it's ibuprofen that should be avoided due to increased risk of bleeding?).

FastWindow Sun 21-Aug-16 20:10:45

Best time to take paracetamol ime.

However, you haven't had enough to drink to be experiencing 'excruciating pain'. Are you normally sensitive to alcohol?

Trills Sun 21-Aug-16 20:11:16

Yes of course.

But if you are in excruciating pain you might want something stronger.

ProseccoBitch Sun 21-Aug-16 20:14:24

Yes, I would. If I get drunk and wake up in the night (I'm a light sleeper) I take a couple and it helps ward off a hangover in the morning.

MrsMargeSimpson Sun 21-Aug-16 21:08:04

I'm not in pain because of the alcohol. I'm miscarrying sad

It's 72 hours in and clots and pains/contractions are like labour! I've had some now and it's taking the edge off. Hot water bottle and chocolate deployed.

ProseccoBitch Sun 21-Aug-16 21:13:41

Oh god I'm sorry OP sad

Trills Sun 21-Aug-16 21:16:07

Is there anyone else around who can get you something stronger?

FastWindow Sun 21-Aug-16 21:19:23

In the kindest possible way you might have mentioned that very important fact in your op.

Call 111, paracetamol isn't going to touch that kind of pain. Please look after yourself flowers

MrsMargeSimpson Sun 21-Aug-16 22:23:39

Sorry, I don't really want to talk about it at the moment.

The cramps have stopped now, thank you for the advice and worry.

Eminado Sun 21-Aug-16 22:30:20

So sorry OP football

Eminado Sun 21-Aug-16 22:30:44



I meant flowers!

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