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Inflamed cervix pregnant?

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babynelly2010 Sat 20-Aug-16 07:59:31

I saw a gp on thursday because I am 6 weeks pregnant and have funny looking discharge that is yellow green, not a lot of it, but it smells funny, sorry tmi but smells like onions . She is a new young doctor very confident but clearly with not much experience. She took a look at my cervix and said it has much of discharge around and it is inflamed probably due to BV invefection. She prescribed me with cream to use for 5 days and sent swabs to lab. On friday she called me back to say that she spoke to her superior doctor who said that I must be refered to hospital so a better look can be given to my cervix just to make sure there is nothing else in there. I tried asking her about what else it could be and specificly asked if she thinks it could be cancer. She said it is probably not cancer but what are they going to be looking for then? Any one with similar experience or with any ideas?

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