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Period and discharge (tmi!)

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singingbasket Fri 19-Aug-16 16:53:46

I have been on Micronor mini pill for 20 months. The first year everything was fine and I knew exactly when my period was due.

Fast forward to January this year, my periods started off by being a week late but otherwise seemed normal. I also at the same time started to get a horrible smelling, brown, watery discharge. I was also bleeding during and after sex

I went to the sexual health clinic and was thoroughly tested for a variety of infections which came back negative. I was told that my cervix was inflammed and that they could see a lot of discharge. I was prescribed antibiotics whilst I waited for the results to come back.

I had a follow up appointment where the doctor was shocked that my results were negative hmm but by this time the brown discharge had stopped.

I went back a couple more times due to the bleeding during sex returning but was told that my cervix looked fine. The only thing that was mentioned was that I had a 'bit' of BV but most women do and that was that.

I then decided to try my gp who referred me urgently to see a gynaecologist. I saw them and she said my cervix was red and that I would be referred for a colposcopy. I mentioned the discharge to her and she prescribed me metrodiznol (sp?).

The disharge went away for a while, the bleeding during sex stopped but Irreceived a letter saying that I didn't need a colposcopy because my smears were up to date and the consultant thought my issues were hormonal.

Thinking that I had bv again I went to my gp for antibiotics and was given them but told if it returned I would have to be tested again (I have been tested for all infections about 4 times this year and they have all been negative).

When I have my period now, it's unpredictable and the blood only seems to come out when I'm on the toilet (sorry). It's as though it's stuck and can only come out when i bear down. It's the same with the discharge, a lot comes out in the toilet but very little throughout the day.

Unfortunately, the smell has come back in the last few days and I don't know what to do for the best. I use aqueous cream to wash my vulva on the advice of a doctor and I have been taking probiotic tablets on the advice of a pharmacist. I am really at a loss and wondered if anyone had any ideas please?

sadie9 Fri 19-Aug-16 18:08:50

All I can suggest is that you could think about changing to a different pill and see if that helps/fixes anything.
When I was on the mini-pill, it was called Noriday I think, I had a similar experience for some part - as in, fine at first then I started having constantly bleeding on and off through out the month. So I was bleeding a little bit nearly every day. I had to go back to a different type of 'normal' combined pill and bleeds went back to normal.

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