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What is going on with my tongue?

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stopplayingthebanjo Wed 17-Aug-16 19:03:53

This first incident may or may not be related. Around four months ago I had a bout of bacterial tonsillitis which I got antibiotics for. Ive had it lots so I know the signs and it definately was tonsillitis. A couple of days after I got the ABs my tongue got a thick coating on, cracked down the middle and over the course of ten days ulcers kept coming up just as others were healing on my tongue, cheeks and gum line. It was very painful and I hardly ate until it was gone. Some were proper ulcers and others were crops of the usual little buds you have on your tongue becoming inflammed, white and sore. I put it down to lowered immune system from being ill, or maybe just the bacteria thatd caused the tonsillitis.

About ten days ago I came up with a crop of tiny ulcers on the tip of my tongue. Exactly like when you burn it where the little buds on your tongue go white and sore for a few days. I didnt remember burning it and also I had a small ulcer at the back/side of my tongue too. Since then as one area has healed another few buds become inflammed and white. I can eat and drink but it is sore and irritating. Every day I wake up and hope it has healed, I just want it to go away now.

Anyone any ideas? I am breastfeeding my 19mo so wondering if could be hormone or vitamin related but I dont have any other symptoms of anything.

oldbirdy Wed 17-Aug-16 21:25:13

could it be geographic tongue? i get this when stressed, run down or pregnant.

another possibility is that my sister had recurrent crops of mouth ulcers as her primary symptom when she was diagnosed coeliac.

stopplayingthebanjo Wed 17-Aug-16 21:30:42

Thanks for responding oldbirdy I have looked at photos of geographic tongue but it doesnt really look like that at all.

Coeliac could be a good shout as it has crossed my mind in the passed and I have recently found out it runs in the family after a number of family members have been diagnosed. Will check out other symptoms...

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