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Bartholin Cyst?

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HelloBea Tue 16-Aug-16 20:05:11

Has anyone ever had one of these? I noticed last night that the opening of my vagina on the left hand side was itchy and I thought I may be getting thrush. Managed to contort myself with a mirror to have a look and there's a small lump in the same area. I've consulted good old Dr Google and it definitely looks/sounds like a Bartholin Cyst. I'm unsure if I need to see my GP? It's not painful at the moment, just itchy and uncomfortable. I'm seeing conflicting advice about if I need to be seen or not. I'm going to have a tea tree bath this evening to see if it helps. Does anyone have any advice?

trolleydolly2411 Tue 16-Aug-16 20:14:47

Ah I had one of these! Did as you and googled all about it but went straight to get it checked out by the GP just in case. She confirmed it was indeed a B cyst but she said as long as its not giving me any pain or uncomfort then no need to do anything about it. Some people get them and they can be extremely painful, does it hurt or is it swollen at all? Months went by with no change and whilst I was having a gynae examination following a smear the gynae booked me in for a little op to get it removed! So went along months later for the op (day surgery) and following the usual pre op tests the doctor told me I was pregnant! Was completely shocked and obviously they couldn't operate so I went home! Anyway, long story short it disappeared after I gave birth which I was so relieved about as i'd heard the op was painful and can be sore for months afterwards.

I would still go along to GP get it checked...mine told me almost word for word what I read on nhs site. In fact, think she read it off the website too hmm If its not causing you any pain I wouldn't stress about it but always worth getting it checked over.

There are some older threads on here about them too, I remember doing a search for it when I was googling the living crap out of it! wink

HelloBea Tue 16-Aug-16 20:22:32

Oh thank you. I usually do search for stuff like this on mumsnet but didn't think to this time for some reason, so I'll do that smile It doesn't hurt at all but is very slightly swollen I think. It's just damn itchy!! It's an absolute pain to get an appointment at my GP practice but I'll see if I can book in. I've never had any problems down there apart from thrush once as a teenager so it freaked me out a tiny bit.

trolleydolly2411 Tue 16-Aug-16 20:29:49

I had mine well over a year and it never changed or became sore or anything so they can just sit there doing nothing. Get an appt and just keep an eye on it, which is what your gp will prob say. There are a few things you can try, warm compress, hot bath etc, youve prob read them all already wink

As long as it doesn't get bigger or become painful I think they are harmless!

trolleydolly2411 Tue 16-Aug-16 20:30:42

I was also completely freaked out btw when I found mine! GP will put your mind at rest if nothing else smile

jellycat1 Tue 16-Aug-16 20:33:19

Yes!! So weird! I found one whilst showering when I was about 8 mths preg with ds2. Gp said leave well alone. I never noticed it after the birth! Too preoccupied - or maybe the baby blew it awaysmile

jellycat1 Tue 16-Aug-16 20:34:01

I'd been googling fanny tumours and all sorts grin

HelloBea Tue 16-Aug-16 20:58:47

Jelly grin

Thanks for the reassurance everyone. Did everyone else get the itchyness? I'm worried that if it does end up sticking around for a few months then it might cause problems when DTD because of where it's situated sad

trolleydolly2411 Tue 16-Aug-16 21:23:28

Mine wasn't itchy no. Unless it's massive then I'm sure it won't cause a problem with DTD. Mine was like the size of a large grape

jellycat1 Tue 16-Aug-16 21:25:26

I don't think mine was itchy but it did hurt a bit .... particularly after I spent ages trying to squeeze it thinking it was an ingrown hair! (I had a pre birthing Brazilian wax..... I know ... weird!)

OvO Tue 16-Aug-16 21:27:54

Mines was huge. I basically grew a testicle. grin

Dr Google and Dr MN sent me for very hot very salty baths. Only two days of this made it burst.

It was epic. Sporners would have wept with joy. There was a full couple of minutes of stuff and yuk pouring out.

Ahh, happy memories. blush

As yours is itchy and uncomfortable I'd definitely see your GP.

HelloBea Wed 17-Aug-16 16:53:10

Thanks everyone. Rang the doctors this morning and the female GP doesn't work Wednesday's so I didn't go ( would rather not see a male gp).

I reckon I may have thrush too so that might be where the itchyness is coming from. It's no longer just itching at the opening where this lump is, but it's itching right the way up my labia now. ARGHHH! Going to get some Canasten just to be on the safe side.

Will have a very hot salty bath tonight. How much salt should I put in? I've got a reasonably big jar of sea salt knocking about.

Amaried Wed 17-Aug-16 21:17:49

I get these regularly and have a hot bath and bring them to a head and then I burst then with a pin.. Sorry for tmi but the relief is instant!!! and very satisfying!!

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