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Period changes since DC

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Judgementalbadgerface Tue 16-Aug-16 15:41:48

Sorry if this is a silly question period wise but a family member has recently been through cervical cancer treatment and it's got me a bit paranoid about changes to my periods post kids, but I don't know if it's serious enough to go to Dr about. I did have a clear smear test last September though so hopefully this isn't anything worrying.

Pre kids and between kids my periods were fairly light, 2-3 days max then usually one day spotting. After last baby I went straight onto hormonal contraception when periods returned, then when I came off it I noticed periods were a lot heavier for first 2 days then spotting seems to go on right up until ovulation. Is this normal? It means I'm bleeding 2-3 days then spotting up to another 10 days. My cycle is only 27 days. It's annoying more than anything else but I don't know if it's worth seeing GP about? I don't know if it's perhaps a hormonal imbalance as I'm also suffering from cystic acne that flares up around ovulation then during period.

I came off hormonal contraception (tried various pills, nuvaring and implant) as post kids it made me very anxious and depressed. I've tried evening primrose oil in an attempt to balance hormones but it gave me raging hot flushes which were horrible!

Any advice much appreciated before I go and bother my GP!

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