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Can you take Provera if you have already started your period?

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vilamoura2003 Tue 16-Aug-16 00:31:38

These polycystic ovaries are driving me crazy! Haven't had a period for 7 weeks now and they seem to arrive out of the blue. When they arrive, they are horrific, flooding, cramps, etc. I have mefanic and tranexamic acid to take if I need to. I am going on holiday and because of this the doctor has given me Provera. She said to take it 3 days before I go until I come home. Can I leave it and only start taking it if I start my period (or will it not work if it has already started?).

Looking at the list of potential side effects, it might make me feel like poo so I would prefer to only take it if I have to? confused

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