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ThatsNotMyFuckingLife Sat 13-Aug-16 21:09:22

I've managed to give myself a hernia through lifting my (almost) toddler up into a slide the other day. Searing pain, which died off but left me with a lump in the midline between my naval and sternum. Yay me!

The doctor said to go back if it still hurts in 5 weeks time (or seek emergency help if I become constipated, or if it becomes agonising), but other than 'don't lift anything heavy like the baby', there wasn't any advice!

I'm posting because I feel a bit lost really - I'm supposed to be going on holiday to a theme park in a week and I've no idea whether I can go on any rides - I think I'm supposed to be able to push the bloody thing back in somehow, but I don't know how (squeamish too, which doesn't help)!

Has anyone been here? Got any advice? Whilst it's lovely not to be expected to lug the baby around all the time, it's making the summer holiday a total sodding nightmare and I'm not even sure whether I can expect to have an operation to repair it as a matter of course!

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SpudUDontLike Sun 14-Apr-19 11:51:54


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