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Anyone had an aneurysm coiled/stented? (arterial)

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Woody18 Fri 12-Aug-16 23:18:16

Hi, I had an aneurysm in a visceral artery (stomach, not brain) coiled and stented earlier this year. It has been checked after 3 months and all in place but I can't stop worrying about it. I'm scared to exercise because of making my blood flow faster but know I must get back to "normal". I will have scans every year to check it's all ok but I'm convinced I have an achey type pain in the area of the coils and stents. My GP doesn't seem to know much about it as it was quite rare what I had and I can't see surgeon again as no real reason to have an appointment (don't want to waste time etc. for nothing as all is ok and in place etc).
Just wondering if anyone else has experienced surgery for an aneurysm and how you coped and got on with things afterwards?
Any advice would be much appreciated, thank you smile

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