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Any experience with Bone Cysts?

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QuintessentialShadow Thu 11-Aug-16 22:35:58

My 11 year old son complains about pain in his knee, when walking/cycling, generally being active.

He has a round hard lump of bone on his knee, and the area around is sore.
He has an appointment with his GP monday, but I am just worried that this is something to really worry about.

Google is not my friend. sad
I now worry that he has bone cancer. hmm

allowlsthinkalot Thu 11-Aug-16 23:28:24

Is the lump below his kneecap? It could be osgood-schlatters disease, common in active teens and usually resolves itself.

LAmusic Thu 11-Aug-16 23:30:23

As mentioned above osgood schlatters develops around this age, and one sign is a bony lump. Is he very tall for his age/had a sudden growth spurt?

QuintessentialShadow Fri 12-Aug-16 09:12:33

It is slightly left and above center of his knee.

He is tall for his age, he is very active. He plays football at every break time in school, and handball twice a week. He also cycles and plays football for fun.He has had a very active summer.
This summer he has been on a wilderness camp, followed by paddlesports camp and then a week of kayaking. He has been three times to the climbing wall in the last week, and cycled 30 km each weekend. He is bursting with energy.

I will google osgood schlatter. Thanks!

QuintessentialShadow Fri 12-Aug-16 09:16:52

Ok, that was reassuring reading.
He loves jumping, and he loves the trampoline, and he has been doing gymnastics since he was 6, but having a break this year. Seems Osgood schlatter is more likely than other things google came up with.

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