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First ever smear tomorrow...

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Dogdays200 Thu 11-Aug-16 20:43:41

I know the only answer to this can be that I will just have to suck it up, but I'm going for my first smear tomorrow and I'm dreading it.

I am overdue by two years, I have booked appointments and cancelled them time and time again. I'm quite (read: a lot) overweight and while I've been doing slimming world (lost a few lbs shy of 3 stone) I still feel mortified at the thought. I have PCOS, so I know I'm at greater risk. I told myself once I lost a few more stone I would go definitely, but what really is driving me to go now (rather than put it off for another year) is a friend who went for her first one only to be told she had cells which, left unattended, would no doubt have turned cancerous. So, I'm scared of the procedure, mortified at my weight and terrified the results will be positive because of my increased risk.

So, I don't really know why I'm posting, other than I'm hoping for some similar experiences to calm my nerves...

Thanks smile

Snazarooney Thu 11-Aug-16 20:45:40

Reward yourself with a treat when you've been. Take 2 paracetamol beforehand. It's not pleasant but it'll be over with fairly quickly and it will give you peace of mind and reassurance when you get the results.

hootatoot Thu 11-Aug-16 20:47:16

I had my first one this year at 35. I had put it off and put it off. It will be nowhere near as bad as you fear and I can assure you that whatever you look like the nurse will not care! You're doing the right thing. Peace of mind for a couple of minutes of discomfort. You'll be fine.

Fishcake72 Thu 11-Aug-16 20:51:19

I've been going for over 20 years and I'm fat and I don't care about getting my bits out because one fanny looks the same as another when you are looking at them all day. When I was 18 my doctor told me five minutes embarrassment was worth my life! It doesn't hurt, the nurses chat away like hairdressers and occasionally I have had abnormal cells but they never come to anything. You'll be fine, i promise.

Reindeerlily Thu 11-Aug-16 20:53:50

You'll be absolutely fine. I too second the "buy yourself a treat" idea. That way you have something nice to look forward to afterwards. It's really nothing to worry about. I'd rather have the few minutes shame of getting my fanny out than the years of hell if something was wrong. Good luck.

madgingermunchkin Thu 11-Aug-16 20:54:35

I've had several (first at 21 in Scotland) and I actually just giggle my way through them. There is no need to be embarrassed. They've seen it all before, in all shapes and sizes. I normally have quite a lot of discharge, so was a little nervous about that tje first time, but you have to remember that the nurses doing them have the done too.

ineedacupoftea2016 Thu 11-Aug-16 20:57:27

I've had cervical cancer and all the treatment that goes with it. It was awful. My smear test saved my life. People doing this job could not care less what they see as long as they see it. I have to go and have a worse version of a smear every few months and I don't even blink at the thought. You'll be fine and you'll laugh at how worried you were I promise x

CheeseAtFourpence Thu 11-Aug-16 20:58:48

Just try to relax - slow deep breathing helps. It's over in a couple of minutes. It's mildly uncomfortable but if you can relax its absolutely fine.

I would much rather have a smear than visit a dentist!

SueGeneris Thu 11-Aug-16 21:01:15

I had one today. I don't like them - although find them slightly uncomfortable and a bit ick rather than painful - but they are over very quickly and the nurses generally have so little trouble putting the speculum in (I guess it's a job they do all the time so they know where they are going!) they don't really look at your bits (externally I mean, obvs they are looking at your cervix) in detail or anything. The nurse I had today talked through each bit as she did it and explained exactly how it might feel.

Maybe just look at it as 'I just have to do this thing for five minutes out of my life and then it's all over and done for another three years.'

Good luck!

elephantfeet Thu 11-Aug-16 21:02:58

I had my first one a couple of weeks ago - put it off for 5 years. Not sure what I was so scared of. It's nothing compared to childbirth wink

pinktransit Thu 11-Aug-16 21:06:07

My daughters both had their first one this year - we all made a deal that we needed to (mine was overdue), and they both said that it was absolutely fine, and way, way easier than they'd thought it would be.
And so I had to get mine done too. We're all clear, which is good to know.
It's quick, and honestly, not even very undignified, and over in a moment.
Plan a treat afterwards smile

TheLegendOfBeans Thu 11-Aug-16 21:09:03

Top tip; pretend your bumcheeks are superglued to the bed, it allows the nurse/doc to get a good "look" and prevents them being in there any longer than they have to.

madgingermunchkin Thu 11-Aug-16 21:14:50

I had to put my clenched fists under the small of my back to get the right angle for my last one.

DownWithThisSortaThing Thu 11-Aug-16 21:15:04

I had my first last year a few months after having DS and I was dreading it too but honestly it wasn't that bad. It's a few minutes of discomfort and then it's over. The more you tense up during it the more uncomfortable it is so take deep breaths and try to relax and it will be over before you know it.

SavoyCabbage Thu 11-Aug-16 21:21:55

It's not as mortifying as you have probably built it up to be. I had mine last week and it was all very respectful and matter of fact. It's not fun but it's not the worst thing either.

NarcyCow Thu 11-Aug-16 21:29:19

I had one yesterday. The nurse was lovely, very professional, discreet and reassuring. We just chatted through it and it was over in no time. It took less than two minutes and was only a tiny bit uncomfortable. The worst part by far was the embarrassment, but as the nurse said, she does them all the time and it's just another body part to her, so there's really no need to be embarrassed.

And I'm morbidly obese and have masses of PCOS body hair which I can't be bothered spending hours removing just for a smear, so I resemble a gigantic ginger gorilla. But it was still fine.

DramaAlpaca Thu 11-Aug-16 21:36:59

I second taking paracetamol beforehand and putting your clenched fists under the small of your back to raise yourself up a bit. That position makes having a smear much more comfortable if you happen to have a retroverted uterus where the cervix tilts backwards, as I do. My practice nurse did my last smear & told me to do this and I honestly didn't feel a thing.

AwakeCantSleep Thu 11-Aug-16 21:41:48

I second the idea of changing the angle with your hands. I've had plenty of smear test (and internal ultrasounds) in a country where they are normally performed annually by a gynaecologist, in a gyn chair. I never even felt a thing.

The first (and only so far) in this country was done by a nurse on a flat trolley. It properly hurt. Only for a few seconds obviously. So not bad, but still. I realise for many women it doesn't hurt at all, or is only mildly uncomfortable. The nurse was a bit surprised that it hurt.

Dogdays200 Fri 12-Aug-16 09:14:53

Well I've been and had it done (all before 9am). It wasn't painfull or even that uncomfortable really. The nurse was really nice and went slowly which helps. She didn't mention my weight which I was thankful to her for. You would be surprised by the number of nasty comments I've had over the years from doctors and nurses.

Anyway I'm glad I had it done, now just got to wait for the results. If anyone out there has been putting it off like I was - please just go and get it done (or message if you need words of encouragement.

Thank you everyone xx

Snazarooney Fri 12-Aug-16 22:37:18

Well done! I always go for an early appointment too.

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