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Can anyone advise on what is up with my hips?

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Sillybillypoopoomummy Wed 10-Aug-16 21:41:02

I'm 40 and I really don't feel decrepit yet, but I am beginning to wonder if maybe I am.
If I do any type of exercise that involves impact, I limp for 4 days afterwards as my hips hurt so much. Running is totally out. Gentle jogging on a sprung floor is OK. Normal walking is OK, but fast walking going up and down steep hills is out (discovered this yesterday as I can't walk today).

The hurty bit is right in the joint in the side of my butt if that makes sense and it really hurts. The funny thing is I think my legs are getting bandier too blush. My knees were never together when I stand up straight but if I clenched my pelvis I could get them to touch and now there is good inch between them even with full clench, but the doctor is going to think I am stark raving mad if I complain about that.

Does anyone have any ideas?

millypop69 Thu 11-Aug-16 02:07:51

May be the IT band that runs from your bottom to your knee. Does it hurt if you press down the side of your thigh? If so get referred to a Physio! Impact sports cause it to flare up.

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