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Group b strep - not pregnant

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NeverTalksToStrangers Wed 10-Aug-16 10:52:49

I have just been diagnosed (again) as having a vaginal group b strep 'infection'. I know this is normally only considered an issue when giving birth, as it normally doesn't come with symptoms, but with me it does (I'm not the only one but there aren't many of us!!).

The symptoms are normally mild enough - I realised a year ago that I had this with both my pregnancies (and after the second one) as things that i had just considered 'normal' for a pregnant woman or a mother of 2, disappeared when I first took antibiotics for this. I'm very glad I had sections for both babies, as I was obviously colonised quite badly.

The symptom I had throughout pregnancy and then for 4 years or so after my second baby was born was simply very small amounts of watery discharge (sorry tmi) - I just thought my pelvic floor wasn't great (not awful though either). I also never felt fully fresh but again I put this down to pelvic floor. It wasn't what I'd call a fishy smell or i wasn't itchy etc so didn't think anything of it.

Then about a year ago I thought i was going through early menopause or something at 36. I was quite sore and dry (again tmi). The doctor swabbed me and the came back with the group strep b diagnosis and I was put on antibiotics.

Once I was on the antibiotics everything went back to pre-babies status. Fresh as a daisy etc.

Since then, though I've noticed a return to the milder symptoms. I've done my research and realise the symptoms are uncommon, but the colonisation isn't and that the antibiotics will only work for so long (and are bad thrush etc anyway). I've tried keeping it at bay with strong probiotic tablets, which do seem to work, but are expensive and never seem to get rid of it 100% (I'm not the best and remembering to take things but regardless, I don't want to have to take these for the rest of my life).

So i went back to the docs and got swabbed again... same story, given antibiotics again. This time phenoxymethylpenicillin. I'm taking them ok (not even 24 hours in) but am worried that it won't change anything long term.

One other thing i learned when googling it ages ago is the fact that group b strep infections (albeit not vaginal ones?) seem to be linked to diabetes and cancer etc so I've spent months worrying that I have something more sinister and reading into every symptom. I am healthy enough though - i think.

Has anyone else had this or treated it successfully? Love to know your thoughts/advice. thanks.

hollinhurst84 Thu 11-Aug-16 01:15:13

Pass is my quick answer!
Long answer - they mentioned I had it when I was swabbed for something. No mention of treatment etc it was just "yep you have this" and bye

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