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How do I find a private dermatologist?(Melasma)

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conkerpods Sun 07-Aug-16 22:36:56

I have Melasma on my cheeks and it's really getting me down.
I'd like to see a dermatologist and think I would like to go private to skip the queue,also I'm not sure the GP would think it would be bad or serious enough to refer me. (It's bad enough for people to constantly tell me my face is dirty,even with make up).
Any advice on the condition itself or how to find a dermatologist please?

MyBeloved Sun 07-Aug-16 23:14:32

Good luck with this. Cannot recommend a private derm but resorted to taking tranexamic acid which you can buy from boots and it completely got rid of mine. I did extensive research. Half a tablet in the morning, half a tablet in the evening for at least 3 months along with 1000mg vitamin c per day. Honestly mine was horrendous. Not to be taken if you suffer with any form of heart condition or if you are pregnant. Tranexamic acid is normally used to control heavy periods and in far greater quantities.

Google for more info but cleared mine completely. That was 3 years ago and has never returned. Nhs derm was amazed but still not used as treatment hwre in tge uk - only in asia and on the continent. Also please make sure you are using a zinc based sun block - factor 50. I like Uvistat.

Good luck. Melasma sucks.

conkerpods Sun 07-Aug-16 23:17:37

Thankyou myBeloved,I shall certainly try the tranxemic acid.
I do use factor 50 but no idea if it's zinc based so I'll get some Uvistat

MyBeloved Sun 07-Aug-16 23:50:57

It's called 'cyclo f' in boots. They will ask you what you're using it for. I had to lie and say it was for heavy periods. Remember you need to take vitamin C at the same time to make it more effective.

I still get the odd spot appear on my hairline but it is barely noticeable. Before it was horrific and I was so self conscious and it seemed to come out of nowhere. UK derma just don't seem to knkw how to treat it. Please don't go down the route of chemical peels etc as these can have an adverse effect and actually make the Melasma worse. Treat your skin gently x

conkerpods Sun 07-Aug-16 23:59:22

I do have heavy periods so at least I'll be telling the truth about that!
Yes I've read a lot about treatments and how laser/peels can actually make it worse. Only thing that seems to work is the hydro quinine cream that can only be prescribed by a dermatologist.
Eucerin have a new range out too for hyper pigmentation.

Ilovemygsd Mon 08-Aug-16 00:33:27

Would this work on the upper lip dark patches? I was thinking about trying Amelan?

MyBeloved Mon 08-Aug-16 09:33:45

My patches were upper lip, both cheeks and forehead. Cleared mine.

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