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Bruised toenail or melanoma

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bananaskin123 Sun 07-Aug-16 19:19:16

DH has had quite a few medical issues in the last few months. He has had problems with circulation in his legs in that the left leg was swollen, red and prone to ulcers. He was diagnosed with something called chronic venous insufficiency and about six weeks ago had surgery on his veins. He also had pain in the ankle which we hoped would be cured by the op. He saw a foot and ankle surgeon about three weeks ago and he prescribed proper orthopaedic insoles which have helped with the ankle pain. After the vein surgery he was advised to walk a distance each day which he did do.
So last Thursday he had an appointment for his diabetic type II follow up. The doc looked at his feet and noticed a bruised toe nail. She got her fluorescent light thingy and said she wasn't sure whether it was a bruise or melanoma and she was referring him to a dermatologist.
I'm wondering/hoping the bruising could be caused by the extra walking he is doing or by the insole which pushes his foot further into his shoes.

Needless to say I have been googling which is not a good idea. Just wondered if anybody has had similar and it all turned out OK in the end

CMOTDibbler Sun 07-Aug-16 19:29:13

My dad (also type 2, lots of circulation problems) had the same, and due to his circulation his toenails grow very slowly, which would normally show the difference.
Anyway, he went to the dermatology clinic in under 2 weeks and they said straightaway that it wasn't, then had him back in another month to double check

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