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Vague symptoms, but of what?

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tuffgingernut Fri 05-Aug-16 21:17:21

I will of course visit my GP soon but as my symptoms are quite vague I'm concerned I might be wasting their time. Here's what I'm currently experiencing:

Twitching -hundreds of time a day but only when I'm still. Occasionally I've twitched so violently that I've bitten my tongue.

Leaking breasts, both sides but haven't bf for 17 months.

Hair loss, my hair appears to be thinner at the front, I thought I might just be paranoid but close family members agree.

Tiredness, for the first time in my adult life I can nap and do so when I have the chance.

That's it, any advice welcome, thanks.

Davinaaddict Fri 05-Aug-16 23:44:58

Tiredness and hairloss can be related to thyroid (and possibly a hundred other issues!), so it's definitely worth checking out. I'd see what the GP says - they'll probably run some blood tests to see what's going on.

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