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Feeling exhausted. Can I do anything?

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sparkle789 Fri 05-Aug-16 14:46:39

For years I have always felt tired and had low energy. In the past I've had blood tests for anemia, vit b and thyroid, they all came back ok. I have lost weight and started to drink more water but it's getting worse.

I feel exhausted most of the day by mid afternoon I can barely keep my eyes open.

Is there anything I can do to help improve it?

ChipInTheSugar Fri 05-Aug-16 20:01:34

Did they check your ferratin levels? That's your stored iron and if that's low, it can make you feel exhausted. Ask what the results were (the actual figures) and check them online, as they might be in the 'normal' range, but the low end.

Vit D deficiency is another possible cause.

passmethegunandaskmeagain Fri 05-Aug-16 23:17:00

A chronic tiredness can be a result of all sorts of things, including lifestyle. Have you seen your gp recently, might be worth discussing with them again if not.
I was diagnosed with post viral fatigue syndrome a few months back and have spent this year battling with the most debilitating fatigue I could imagine, so you have my sympathy. I'm improving slowly but mainly since diagnosis and trying some specific techniques.
It's worth being pushy with the gp. They're there to help you. Good luck with it.

Davinaaddict Fri 05-Aug-16 23:41:40

I would also recommend getting a copy of your blood tests. My doctors seem to be wanting to diagnose me with CFS, despite not completing all the relevant tests beforehand, nor addressing my low B12 and ferritin (they were in range, so could not possibly be causing my symptoms hmm ).

I'm finally perking up since self supplementing, but I've only been able to do so having researched my specific levels on here and the HealthUnlocked forum.

Pleasemrstweedie Sat 06-Aug-16 11:17:04

I was in the same position as Davina six years ago. I actually got a CFS diagnosis from a consultant endocrinologist and an offer of a scrip for ADs from my GP. Now I'm no longer deficient in ferritin, vitamin D, vitamin B12, folate and thyroid hormones, I'm fine.

trinity0097 Sat 06-Aug-16 17:05:31

Do you snore badly? Could you have sleep apnea?

SpuriouserAndSpuriouser Sat 06-Aug-16 17:15:58

Do you get enough sleep? Sorry if that sounds really really obvious, but that is the first place to start!

sparkle789 Sun 14-Aug-16 22:09:11

Thanks for the replies. I am going to try and get an appointment with my go tomorrow and get new blood tests or ask her to look at my old ones and see if they were at the edge of normal range.
I get plenty of sleep so don't think it's that and I snore a bit but not too bad.

lightshaddows Mon 15-Aug-16 13:59:22

Wow, I came online to post exactly what you have. Are you tired all the time? Or do you have times when you feel OK. I ask because like you, I've had bloods done that I'm told are normal. I can be fine for months, then suddenly I feel awful for weeks.
Pleasemrs and davina: what supplements do you use?
Sparkle :did you go back to your gp? How did you get on?

Cathaka15 Mon 15-Aug-16 14:05:21

Definrilttly re do the bloods. Also in the mean time take Premtis vitamin. It's for women and it changed my life. I took it for about a month before I could feel the difference. One day I just woke and I wasn't tired anymore. I hadn't realised but i was full of energy and not so grouchy. Do a quick search on Google if you like. My nutritionist suggested it.

Badders123 Mon 15-Aug-16 14:07:10

How old are you?
Perimenopause?im in peri ATM and it's no fun 😞

Fuckingmoles Mon 15-Aug-16 14:08:35

I think you need to be quite persistent - I have been suffering from exhaustion (plus numerous other symptoms) for 2 years - it was only on 3rd blood test that a new GP agreed that I was hypothyroid as there was a change in my TSH levels between 2 of the tests. I also had low Vit D and high cholesterol levels show up on the first test which I now know are linked to hypothyroidism. There also doesn't seem to be a medical concensus regarding "normal" levels.

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 15-Aug-16 14:17:38

I would have your thyroid levels rechecked; it could be that. Did they go through the results of your blood tests properly rather than just pronounce them as "normal". Your results may well be at the bottom end of what is regarded as "normal" so it should be further investigated. You will need to be persistent in order to get answers.

lightshaddows Mon 15-Aug-16 15:10:02

Can I just get a copy of my blood tests then ? My doc just said everything is normal. That I'm probably run down and I should rest. Actually the last doc just shrugged and referred me to rheumatologist to look at cfs. I just don't think this is normal I literally can't face doing anything. I'm 40. Don't drink or smoke, good diet, fairly active... Single parent so I'm busy but nothing out of the ordinary. I think this but has been triggered by a couple of infections but sometimes it comes out of nowhere..... It really is taking my life away and I'm worried I will lose my job

Fuckingmoles Mon 15-Aug-16 15:15:22

You are entitled to have a copy of your blood tests.

Check out the Thyroid uk community forum and/or Stop the Thyroid Madness website for advice and information.

lightshaddows Mon 15-Aug-16 16:00:51

Hello again, I just rang the gp and asked for my results. The full blood counts were all normal, slightly raised red-blooded count. The thyroid was 1.16..... Any ideas? And thank you x

nannyafrica Mon 15-Aug-16 22:06:38

Are you drinking more water because you are more thirsty?
Peeing more?
We have Diabetes in the family and these are signs including tiredness and losing weight. Maybe get a quick test done?

stouensbay Mon 15-Aug-16 22:16:22

Are you taking any medication/ contraception that may not agree with you? If so, stop for a while and see.

I take the liquid iron you can buy over the counter. I've always been borderline anaemic and I find it helps a bit. Tastes nice too!

Also enquire more about the Thyroid thing. Over or under active (can't remember which (both) can affect general wellbeing)

Davinaaddict Thu 18-Aug-16 23:36:45

light I'm taking shed loads at the moment, as the doctors haven't listened so far and I'm not due to see the doctor until the 7th September now and I'm desperate after 4 months of being off work with this . I'm on D3, K2-Mk7, Berocca (for other b vitamins mainly), ferrous sulphate and B12. But that is because I know my B12 and ferritin results are low, and the D was treated by the GP initially. I wouldn't take anything if you haven't been tested or if you don't know the actual results. If you haven't been tested or don't have the results, then I'd suggest a minimum of vitamin D, B12, folate and ferritin as all of these can cause the symptoms.

Your TSH looks ok at that level, but it's not a totally reliable test for thyroid activity. Oh and don't take 'everything is normal' as your only answer - GP's have a habit of going by numbers, and just because you're in range, it doesn't mean that a low reading can't be causing you issues. Get the results, then post a new thread with your results 🙂

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