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Lack of sleep

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Ditsyprint40 Fri 05-Aug-16 09:17:29

I'm really struggling at the moment due to an ability to sleep. Not a new problem at all, have struggled for years. Takes me hours on average to drift off, always wake during the night and usually wake early on days off and cannot get back to sleep. I'm a teacher so off for summer and have slept dreadfully all week. I've also been unwell and feel this has stopped me recovering because I'm not getting enough sleep.

I haven't drunk much alcohol recently (although an evening glass of wine doesn't make much difference). My bedroom is fairly dark. I don't use my phone in bed, or if I do I use the iPhone 'evening' setting with the different colour lights. I've tried having a bath before bed, reading in bed, counting (counted to 300 last night with no effect).. I feel really stumped :-(

During term time I do feel quite stressed so that could play a part, but during the holidays I'm quite relaxed so it can't be that.

Any ideas?

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