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How not to sound like a hypochondriac about DP at the GP app today???

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twocultures Thu 04-Aug-16 15:28:04

Sorry just overly self conscious and want some advice on how to speak to GP about DP
I'm drip feeding a bit but will cover the main issue basically he's under A LOT of stress and pressure at work recently (he runs his own business). He's been sick one morning and had a few sleepless nights (with me in tow to make sure he's ok) but that's passed now and he's ok but the big concern is he said to me a few days ago that he felt "tightening" in his chest when he got another load of bad news at work . He said for me not to worry as he's fine now but seriously I can't not worry!!! I know he's had something similar a couple of years ago when he was going through another rough patch at work.

So we're taking our DS to the GPs today to check out a cough he's had for a while and I took the chance to make an appointment for DP as well.

But what should we tell the GP exactly so that we can get some useful advice? I know last time he went to see one a couple of years ago they told him 'no stress' but that's pretty much impossible at his work... (I know DP won't really ask any questions as he's dismissive about his health) And I am also wondering if maybe there's some tests that my DP could perhaps have to check how his heart is actually doing? Is that something we can ask the GP ?

Sorry I have very minimal knowledge of the system and don't know if I'm overreacting.....
Thanks in advance for any tips!

MatildaTheCat Fri 05-Aug-16 09:50:49

My dh went to the doctor with strange chest tightness which was very intermittent. The doctor took it seriously and ordered bloods, ECG and a referral to the local cardiac assessment unit. He was discharged immediately smile.

So yes, be very clear about all the circumstances. Your dh needs to find a way of either reducing his workload if it is too heavy or managing his stress otherwise he will end up properly ill.

Your description doesn't sound at all hypochondriacal.

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