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Whats wrong this time?! Stupid feet!

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upsidedownfrown Thu 04-Aug-16 08:30:06

I keep having problems with my feet. No idea why. I wear a variety of footwear according to what im doing, dont wear worn out shoes, blah blah blah.

Anyway, I've had plantar fasciitis before apparently but a bit dubious as to whether this diagnosis was right as it was more than halfway along the sole of my foot, felt like I was walking on a marble, was utterly excruciating but went away on its own after a week or 2.

I noticed yesterday that my plantar fascia felt really tender when pressed (was rubbing in moisturiser) and I have a bruise on it. Bruise isn't terrible, about the size of a 50p, and really painful to press on. Its also right over my plantar fascia when I flex my foot.

I am certain I haven't stood on anything to cause this bruise. But cant think why I'd have it otherwise! It's a horrid pain when touching it but not particularly painful when walking.

(Dunno the relevance but my calf on that side is really tight. Cant stretch it half as much as the other side)

I thought maybe I'd damaged something but the lack of pain when walking and having no idea how it bruised makes me think I should just ignore it?

Any ideas anyone? Been icing and stretching but cant get gp appointment till the day after we leave for holidays!

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