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Bladder prolapse feeling upset and worried.

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littledibbersmum Wed 03-Aug-16 02:47:36

I have a moderate prolapse which I think has just got worse over the last few months, we have moved house and its been V stressful and I have had to lift things. I have 2 kids close in age both vaginal births when I was over 40. I am doing my pelvic floor exercises (now) was a bit rubbish before and have seen GP/Surgeon who has suggested surgery. I am feeling very down. In a new city so not the time to be feeling sorry for myself. Also about to go into menopause probably. Any practical help/advice, I am really concerned about our sex life. Hubby has been v supportive, but I just don't feel attractive anymore. I would benefit from some positive help and advice - things that I can do that may work, as I am feeling a bit fragile at present sad

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