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anxiety and the doctors

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roseteapot101 Tue 02-Aug-16 13:00:26

I have anxiety one thing i absolutely hate is hospitals second to that is being seen by a medical professional i probably never met.

Its come to a point that i need to see a doctor i have been ill for nearly 3 weeks .I cant take this anymore its worst than when i last got a severe chest infection it was so bad at one point i struggled to breath yet i still would not go,I just pushed through it.

whats worst its the school holiday's ,i don't have friends apart from my partner , i don't have childcare options to me when my other half is at work.At this very moment my daughter wants too play yet i am too tired/in pain to do so.

i really don't want to worry him he cant take the time off work we need the money.He knows i am unwell but i am trying to hide how bad so dont want to book outside his work hours.

i am not sure what to do =/

EreniTheFrog Tue 02-Aug-16 19:52:10

I hear you, I really do.. I get extremely anxious with doctors too.

roseteapot101 Wed 03-Aug-16 09:37:35

i just hope this go's away but somehow i think it maybe just one of those things that's got me stuck between a rock and a hard place

Is it another chest infection? Can you call the surgery and ask to speak to a doctor over the phone? I called up yesterday and got a prescription for antibiotics over the phone after just talking to the doctor (I was relieved because I'm similar to you; terrified of hospitals and anxious about doctors).

Would that be an option if you called your GP?

roseteapot101 Wed 03-Aug-16 10:01:35

no although i am prone its summer my chest fairs better in the summer.I have a copper coil implant i got last year.It was hard enough getting it sorted but dont feel so nervous with my other half.

I had my period but its not stopped ,i have been heavy bleeding for past week very crampy with no let up and it will be 3 weeks on friday. Something is wrong but i dont know what.

I would be fine going with my other half but i dont want him to panic ,he already has too much to worry about at the moment i dont want to add this too

5BlueHydrangea Wed 03-Aug-16 10:10:02

I understand. My dd (24) suffers with anxiety and I accompany her to the Dr or dentist as needed or she wouldn't go. Even the making the appt upsets her, well she just won't do it unless I push or do it myself.

Is there no-one that could go with you? Friend, relative, neighbour?

What is wrong? ie what are your symptoms?

5BlueHydrangea Wed 03-Aug-16 10:12:16

Cross posted sorry.
Have you had problems with your periods or coil before? How old are you? - near menopause??

roseteapot101 Wed 03-Aug-16 10:32:15

just my period totally out of wack nearly 3 weeks this is just not right .My implant was absolutely fine but suddenly it must have gone wrong.I am 27 no were near menopause my periods were fine like clock work what's got me concerned is the very sudden change.I dont have friends apart from my partner,my mother,father and sister are dead.Apart from him and our daughter i would be very much on my own.

But it seems its out my hands anyway.My other half has been needing to see the doctor for a ingrown toenail but messaged me saying he booked for both of us after work as i not been feeling well.

He knows me too well now i worry about worrying him but i think i have done that already.

5BlueHydrangea Wed 03-Aug-16 10:40:49

That's good. Try and do something relaxing before then. He sounds lovely and supportive. At least this way you can hopefully get some answers although they may refer you on to a gynaecologist possibly.

roseteapot101 Wed 03-Aug-16 11:37:26

thank you ,he worrys to much but i do appreciate it.I need to rest as cramping no were near as bad if i am resting but on other hand when my anxiety bad i have the strong urge to clean to distract myself i just cant sit still this is going to be a long day =p

5BlueHydrangea Thu 04-Aug-16 01:13:33

How did you get on at GP?

roseteapot101 Thu 04-Aug-16 15:48:57

they said sometimes a period can go on longer for no reason and gave me medication to stop it.Said to check in a few weeks time

it just feels so odd for my period to suddenly be so severe with no history but i guess i have to go with what they gave me

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